Brendan Benson is an acclaimed solo artist, writer, multi-instrumentalist, co-leader of The Raconteurs & producer.  

Benson made his debut in 1996 on Virgin with the critically beloved “One, Mississippi” (re-released in 2012 w/ EMI).  2002’s “Lapalco” followed, breaking Benson open on the world-stage with the album being listed in many ‘Best of The Decade’ lists. V2 released 2005’s “Alternative to Love”, spawning various synchs from Apple to Saturn adverts as well as various film & TV placements.  

In 2006, The Raconteurs released “Broken Boy Soldiers”, with the Benson/White penned “Steady As She Goes” leading the album to platinum status in the UK.  “Consolers of The Lonely” followed in 2008, solidifying The Raconteurs into rock history.  

ATO/Co-op followed in 2009 with Benson’s solo, “My Old, Familiar Friend”.  

In 2012, Benson formed Readymade Records, as a a natural step after producing his 2012 effort, “What Kind of World” as well as releases or material for Cory Chisel & The Wandering Sons, Young Hines, Eric Burdon & The Greenhornes, Leah Mason, and more.